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Monthly Newsletter

Our Latest Blog Entry

May 2021

Welcome to The Veteran Farm Project’s monthly newsletter! What can you expect to see in our newsletter every month? We’ll be sharing tasty recipes that include some of the ingredients grown here on the farm. We hope to keep you up to date on the daily goings on, upcoming events and introduce you to the hard working team.

We wrapped up the 2020 season last fall and quickly jumped right into our plans for 2021. The Veteran Farm Project had an amazing season, providing farm fresh produce to over 40 families between Turo to Bridgewater/HRM and 22 families in the Valley with help from the Nova Scotia/ Nunavut Command of The Royal Canadian Legion . We provided fresh flowers for Camp Hill and assisted in helping them get their gardens ready as well. 

What do we have planned for  VFP this year? More fresh produce for more families, as well as a larger variety of fresh farm vegetables and flowers. We’re also happy to announce we will be opening our farm stand at the farm every Saturday morning (weather permitting), selling produce, flowers, beautiful art by Emily and dog collars and bandanas from Mr. D’s Slobber Stoppers. 

Make sure to stay tuned and sign up for our newsletter so you know what is going on and where we’ll be.

Recipe of the Month

As prepared by our own Angela, here’s a quick and tasty recipe for CHICKEN VEGETABLE PASTA

Serves 4


3 chicken breasts cut into bite size pieces

4 cups of your favourite cooked pasta

1 cup chopped Swiss Chard

10 diced mushrooms

1/2 onion, chopped

3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 tbsp Olive oil



Basil for garnish

1. Preheat skillet medium high

2. Coat chicken breast in olive oil, pinch of salt and pepper

3. Bring water to boil and add a pinch of salt

4. Cook pasta to desired consistency

5.Saute chicken until 3/4 cooked add vegetables, balsamic vinegar and spices to flavour. Continue cooking until chicken is fully cooked

6. Plate and season as desired. 

Coaches Quarter

Hello and welcome to The Archer’s Quarter, a monthly archery info article to be included in our newsletter where I will write about archery styles, tips and upcoming events. Jessica and I are pleased to offer the sport of archery as an additional activity here at The Veteran Farm Project Society. Archery takes many forms - be it pleasure, competition, hunting, or as an activity for physical fitness – we have the facilities, equipment and coaching expertise to set you up for an enjoyable experience. Please email to reserve your spot as space is limited due to COVID. We are practicing safe protocols by maintaining social distancing, cleaning equipment regularly and wearing masks too. Hope to see you soon!

Steve Murgatroyd-Co Founder VFP,

Former Invictus Games Competitor in Archery and Warrior Games and Soldier On Team Canada Shooting coach

Growing Healthy with Cous.

Good day Veteran Farm Project Supporters!

To all those who are assisting my dear friends Jessica and Steve with their mission to provide the best organic veggies, thank you. Your efforts have had a direct impact on my health and wellness. Last growing season we were "beta testers" for the market box concept. We loved it and the freshness and quality unrivaled. But you already know that.

Jessica has been watching my "transformation" as I regain my health and wellness. A long story short, I tripped down a very dark rabbit hole in 2014 that just made my PTSD worse. My health failed and I had pretty much given up. 6 years and more than 100 lbs later you can say "Houston, we have a problem." The problem was me. I had to get out of my own way and start taking charge of my wellness. Thankfully I have an amazing support team who have been assisting and guiding me.

Before I go any further, I must ensure that everyone is aware that your "nutrition plan" is 80% of your progress. I refuse to use the word diet. It is a negative word anchored to alot of failures and negative connotations. I choose to follow my nutrition plan.

Jessica has seen some of my training stuff and asked if I would share some of it. So what will be following over the next few months is some training ideas and tools you can employ. You will notice I did not say "workout". Another negative anchor word that has no clear point. 

 I train to meet certain specific objectives.

No gym? No problem. What we are going to be discussing are some low impact, low cost or no cost options to help you step up your game.

Walking. Walking has huge physical and mental health benefits. Step trackers are everywhere. Measure an average week and then set a daily step goal that is 5 to 7 % more than what you are doing. Slow and steady incremental increases.

But how do you ramp up your cardio? Climbing stairs help build leg strength, core strength and increase your cardio. No running. Single steps up. Use the railing on way down. Last November I was sucking wind with 3 flights. The third of March I summitted the Virtual CN Tower. However I needed to give my knees a break while stepping up my cardio.

I tripped across a lady on YouTube named Carolyn Jordan. She introduced me to chair cardio and chair cardio boxing. Holy snotballs. The first few sessions near finished me. Equipment required? A chair. Stream some of her videos and get after it. 3 sessions a week. That's it. You are on your way. Walk and stairs, walk and chair cardio. Simple. Start at your own pace. Keep track of your time. Increase volume and intensity slowly.

Next time? Intro to strength training with resistance bands. I will attach an Amazon link to a great "starter" kit for building your home training arsenal. (Sub $50 bucks

Remember, take care of your body. It’s not like we have anywhere else to live.

Medric Cousineau

Ret. RCAF. Co-Founder Paws Fur Thought, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Vegetable of the Month

White Icicle Radish.

Icicle radish has a thin white skin and offers a mild radish flavour and crisp texture. This long rooted radish is typically about 4-6 inches in length and capped with edible greens. The pure white flesh of the Icicle radish is less piquant than the common red radish. Roasting the Icicle radish will bring out a subtly sweet flavour. Icicle radishes contain vitamins C and B6, ascorbic acid and calcium. Like many radishes, Icicle radishes contain active enzymes that aid in digestion. The edible leaves of the Icicle radish are rich in Vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium and iron as well. Diced, sliced or slivered, raw Icicle radishes add crispy texture to salads and relishes. Use to add a peppery accent to tacos, sandwiches, and soups. They can be grilled, braised or roasted. Shred or grate and use as a condiment for sushi and sashimi. Serve whole as a crudite along side dips. Toht, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.


Veteran Farm Project Farm Stand

We are very excited and pleased to let you

all know that our Farm Stand will be opening

Saturday June 5th

- 10am-2pm and will be

open every Saturday through the end of


There will be fresh produce, locally baked

bread, flowers, veggie plants and much more!

We accept cash, credit, EMT and digital


Covid-19 protocols will always be observed.

All monies raised through sales go back to

The Veteran Farm Project and supporting

Veterans with food insecurities. 

Our Second Blog Entry

June 2021

Our First Blog Entry

July 2021